If you’ve never been to Austin, Texas, then you’re definitely missing out. Austin is of course the capitol of Texas, but that’s far from being the absolute reason you have to visit this wonderful city full of culture. Just simply driving through Austin on the Interstate will make you think that it’s a place you want to stop and see the sights.

Austin is the music capitol of Texas as well, kind of like Nashville is the music capitol of Tennessee and of course the country music capitol of the United States.

One thing that you’ll want to do while visiting Austin is to go to 6th Street on the weekend. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to visit on the weekend to have a good time. You do have to watch because there are a bunch of bars and clubs. If that’s not your thing and you’re not used to that type of big city scene, then it might remind you of a Bourbon Street in New Orleans type of atmosphere.

Did you know that as a state capitol, Austin is the 2nd largest one? I would not have thought that to be the case considering all the other states out there, but it is for sure. The largest would be Phoenix, which is of course the state capitol of Arizona.

On 6th Street, you’ll enjoy all kinds of great clubs, bars, restaurants and music. There is a music festival that is a big deal in Austin, and there is also a motorcycle rally as well. If this is your first trip to Austin, get ready for a wonderful time.