One of the most popular Southwest cities for visitors is Austin, Texas. There are many events to enjoy in the live music capital of the world, including Formula 1 racing and film events. Dining in Austin is among the more popular things for visitors to do, but when lodging is in order, there are many choices including retro hotels.

There are plenty of large chain hotels to stay at, too, but Austin, Texas is home to many boutique hotels and motels. Many of these places have been outfitted to make them appear as if they have come straight out of the 1950s and 1960s. Retro hotels are viable options for staying at when enjoying a trip to the city. They are affordable and comfortable.

These hotels are also perfect places for events like weddings or corporate meetings. Hotel packages are available. Check with the individual hotel for special offers.

Austin is a great city to just get away from it all for a weekend. Look online for special vacation getaway packages made just for couples to enjoy a romantic stay.

Food trucks with delicious Southwest and Mexican dishes abound near most all these hotels. They make a perfect place to grab something quick before heading up to a room to get ready for a big night out on the town catching movies, musical performances and theatrical shows.

There are plenty of choices for retro styled hotels, but one of the most famous has been around since 1938 before retro became cool. The Austin Motel is filled with a kicky 1960s vibe, but with a choice of double or single rooms, some with whirlpools and WiFi, it is anything but stale or dated.

Visit Austin and stay in a quirky hotel. You’ll make your visit that much more fun.